By Royal Appointment

Alexandra Jennings, managng director of Heppenstalls, was thrilled to be invited to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party recently and attanded the event with her husband Antony and son Chris.

Although the weather was offering the full range from sunshine to rain, the gardens looked amazing, measuring approximately 30 acres, right in the heart of London and they we delighted to be able to enjoy a lovely walk around them , before the Queen came out onto  the terrace to  commence  a “progress” down the lawn, flanked by Yeoman of the Guard and various other military and police  personnel.

As you can imagine the security was very tight and consequently they got nowhere near the hostess, as introduction is by special invitation only for very VIP’s, but they did come quite close to noth the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, both elegant  in grey mourning suits.

Happily they were in the tea marquee when the heavens opened. Unfortunately the consequence of the downpour was that the ground becasme rather muddy and those wearing their Manolo’s or Jimmy Choos found themselves wondering if they may not have been better off ini a sturdy pair of Hunters!

Needless to say the tea was lovely, and they even had little chocolate cakes with crowns on them!

All in all a very special day

at the palace small